In 2018, there were 7.44 million Botox procedures performed, which was a 3% increase from 2017.

Considering our obsession with youthful appearances, it’s no surprise why this minimally invasive procedure is popular with celebrities, everyday people, men, women, the young, and the old.

But Botox’s ability to keep you looking young isn’t its only perk.

Curious? Here are five surprising and amazing benefits of Botox.

1. Control Excessive Sweating

Yes, Botox is considered an aesthetic procedure. But you’ll be surprised to know it has a beneficial use: controlling excessive sweating.

In the areas injected with Botox, it’ll block the nerves responsible for sweating. That way, when your body temperature rises, those nerves won’t signal to your sweat glands to start up.

This only works in the area where Botox is injected, so to control excessive sweating all over your body, you may have to get quite a few injections for it to work.

2. Control Migraines

If you have unbearable migraines, then there’s great news: Botox can help you get relief from this nasty pain.

Just like with excessive sweating, Botox will block signals from your brain. In this case, it’ll block the neurotransmitters that perceive pain from your brain. By cutting off this signal, Botox will eliminate the pain you feel in your head and neck whenever migraines come on.

3. Alleviate Your Overactive Bladder

For most people with overactive bladders, they may have tried an implant called InterStim. However, it’s been proven that Botox may work more effectively than InterStim does.

Botox is injected directly into your bladder, which then relaxes your overactive muscles. When you combine Botox treatments with bladder retraining, this can help you overcome sudden urges and incontinence.

4. Fix Eye Problems

If you have crossed eyes, then you have a condition known as strabismus. Botox was actually originally created to treat this problem; when the unintended benefit of smoothing out wrinkles was discovered, this caused the injection to explode in popularity.

Botox injections act on the muscles of your eyes so they can both look in directions without being crossed. It can also help correct a lazy eye.

If you have eye spasms, Botox can help with that too, as it has to do with your muscles.

5. Treat Muscle Spasms

Some conditions may cause your body’s muscles to contract, such as cerebral palsy. While it’s not usually painful, it can be distracting or uncomfortable.

You can get Botox to reduce the occurrences of these muscle spasms. These injections will help relax the muscles that contract and trigger random spasms.

Botox can also be used to treat Bell’s palsy. In this condition, it relaxes the muscles that cause your face to appear droopy on one side.

Reap the Benefits of Botox

Has it surprised you that the benefits of Botox go beyond erasing the evidence of time on your skin?

Now that you know a bit more about Botox benefits, perhaps you’d like to enjoy them yourself. Get in touch with our office and we’ll book you an appointment at your earliest convenience.